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Have A Safe Roof For Employees

Do your employees have all the protection they need?Annually, businesses experience workplace fatalities from falls. You can help prevent these injuries by properly securing your roof.

First you need to determine the frequency your rooftop is access Will your employees be going up there on a weekly basis to clean the gutters or skylights? If employees are going to the rooftop frequently you should consider having multiple fall protection systems in place.

A safety railing is the most basic roof fall protection system. Every rooftop should be lined with a safety railing. There are often areas that require safety railings but are overlooked. One of these hazards include skylights. Skylights can be a great compliment to any architecture. While they are beautiful skylights still can present a falling hazard.

It’s important that your skylights are properly lined with a safety railing. Even with a guardrail and safe employees will need to be properly instructed on how to clean the skylights. When choosing a safety railing you will have permanent and temporary options. The perimeter of the roof is most commonly lined with the permanent guardrail. A portable guardrail is more often used for temporary construction sites. Portable guardrails are not hard to install. The temporary guardrail can line the construction site. This will help raise employee awareness. Awareness is key for safety.

Safety guardrail protection systems are just the start. In addition to a guardrail you can use an active roof fall protection system. The safety railing is a passive barrier separating the worker from the edge of the roof. An example of an active fall protection system would be a horizontal lifeline. An active roof fall protection system refers to protecting a worker from a fall that is already in action. The horizontal lifeline will prevent the fall from being completed. Even with the horizontal lifeline an injury still can occur. The hope is that with the implementation of a horizontal lifeline no fatalities will happen. When a worker falls off of a roof or horizontal lifeline can absorb some of the shock. Employees need to be properly trained on how to use a horizontal lifeline.The employee must make sure to properly wear properly secure themselves.

A lot of companies will offer a free quote to determine your rooftop needs. An expert will be able to notate all of the hazards present on your rooftop Having the help of an experienced company will save you time and money. With a properly protected rooftop your employees will be safe. It is best to prevent workplace injuries before they happen. Safe employees are happy employees.

How I Became An Expert on Protection

How I Became An Expert on Protection